DSC Warning lights? 5DF0/5DF1 Faults?

We at TWG Automotive, Camberley’s premier Independent BMW and MINI garge,  can save you lots of money on a very common problem with BMW vehicles that have DSC warning lights coming on as a result of fault codes 5DF0 and 5DF1. These faults relate to the DSC pump motor and pump motor connector and can first start off as an intermittent fault but soon develop into a permanent fault on your dash or iDrive. With current MOT ruling any DSC or ABS related faults on your BMW or MINIs dash will result in your car failing its MOT, therefore making this a very important fault to fix. Here at TWG Automotive, one of Surrey’s leading BMW and MINI Independent Specialists, we can repair this issue for approximately £500 inc VAT, saving nearly £1600 on fitting a new DSC control module!


How do we fix the 5DF0 5DF1 faults?


The process takes between 2 to 3 weeks and involves the removal of the DSC control unit. We send the unit to our electronics specialist who will repair the broken module and then return it to us for refitting.  We will then pressure bleed the braking system, using our official BMW brake bleeding machine with genuine BMW brake fluid. Then we will clear down the faults that will be logged so that the car is fixed and ready for the road again.


Affected cars?


This fault can affect a range of BMWs from Z4s to 5 Series. So, if your DSC warning lights are coming on and staying on the dash even after an ignition cycle, or if they are coming on with no apparent driving issue, then it is possible your car is suffering from this fault. Give us a call at TWG Automotive, one of Surreys leading Independent BMW and MINI Specialists, to discuss the solution.