What is CBS servicing?

Conditional Based Service (CBS) is an evolution of BMW’s standard service indicator system (SIA) previously fitted across the model range. It was first introduced in 2002 when the ‘new’ 7’ series model was launched and is now a standard feature on most new models.

The concept of CBS was to create a flexible yet economical maintenance schedule for serviceable items fitted to a vehicle. Unlike its predecessor (SIA) which used fixed time and distance service schedules (days and m/km’s) the innovative CBS system goes one step further.

This intelligent system constantly gathers information from modules and sensors fitted around the vehicle which allows flexible intervals to be created preventing unnecessary replacement of components which still have substantial service life left. In essence there is an aim to lengthen service intervals and maximise the use of serviceable components.

What is the difference to you? With the SIA servicing your vehicle would either need an Oil Service, Inspection 1 or Inspection 2 which could be a big bill every year or two. With CBS serving there are potentially seven different types of service available per car including Oil, Brake Fluid and a Vehicle Check, so only the bits that need changing or checking are serviced so the cost is reduced and shared over time evenly.

If you are not sure if your car has CBS or SIA, here is a list of when each vehicle switched over to CBS:

  • 1-Series E87 (2004 on)
  • 3-Series E90/91 (2004 on)
  • 5-Series E60/61 (2003 on)
  • 6-Series E63/64 (2004 on)
  • 7-Series E65/66 (2002 on)
  • X.3 F25 (2010 on)
  • X.5 E70 (2006 on)
  • Z.4 E89 (2009 on)